• We offer a range of tailored, challenging and interactive negotiation workshops that can be delivered at your premises or at the location of your choice.

  • Come along to one of our bite-size programmes on negotiation and influencing or sign up to one of the conferences or events that we are speaking at around the world.

  • We provide bespoke advisory services to support Commercial, Government and NGO clients through specific negotiation challenges. Our consultants are highly experienced and highly regarded the world over and deliver first class interventions.

Negotiation is the most important skill to protect and grow your business

At advantageSPRING we passionately believe that anyone can learn to be an amazing negotiator.  We work with clients across the globe to support their people to negotiate effectively and receive impressive testimonials and feedback.  

Are your team ready to negotiate the best deal, every time?

Contact the UK team:  +44 208 133 0459

Contact the UK team: +44 208 133 0459

Contact the US team:  +1 917 675 3270

Contact the US team: +1 917 675 3270

Contact the Asia team: +852 8192 4631

Contact the Asia team: +852 8192 4631

Expertise across multiple industries and specialisms

Our team have experience of working across multiple industries on a range of negotiation challenges.  With a talented team, based in locations across the globe, you can trust us to deliver a first rate service and first rate results.

We work with industries including: Law, Banking, Retail, Technology, Communications, Insurance, Government, NGO, Property and Construction, Consumer, Professional Services, Health, Manufacturing, Defence and Aerospace, Transport and Aviation

We are skilled at advising on: Restructures, Mergers, Acquisitions, Pricing Strategies, Employment Relations, Disputes (internal & external), Review of Terms, Global Expansion, Contract Re-Negotiations, Policy Changes, Procurement, Sales Capability, Rationalisation

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I enjoyed every moment of the workshop. I walked away understanding that I have more power than I realized and that asking for what I want in any negotiation is the key.

Sarah Epifano, SKANSKA USA
UN Women

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