The Art of Negotiation at the Trouble Club: 17/02/15

Natalie at Trouble Club - Negotiation Skills Training

Earlier this week advantageSPRING's Founder Natalie Reynolds kicked off the 2015 speaker season at the Trouble Club with her sell-out session on 'The Art of Negotiation'. The interactive masterclass was run in partnership with the Guardian Women in Leadership section and attracted a diverse crowd of journalists, publishers, bankers, accountants, charity executives and lawyers to the Trouble Club's new location just off Carnaby Street.

The session kicked off with Natalie exploring why negotiation is such an important skill for both business and life before moving on to describe the common mistakes people make when negotiating. After a quick one on one exercise there was a 15 minute 'gin break' (the event was supported by Bloom Gin) followed by a tongue in cheek look at the common stereotypes that exist about women as negotiators.

After the session there were numerous questions, expertly fielded to Natalie by Harriet Minter from the Guardian, and a queue of people waiting to pick Natalie's brains long after the bar had closed.

After the session Natalie commented: "Negotiation is a very emotive subject and one that is often over-complicated or made too dry and academic. I believe passionately that negotiation is a skill that can be learnt, it's just you need to spend as much time learning about people as you do about process, if not more. If you can start to oversome your fears and barriers then the ability to negotiate can completely transform your life". 

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Photo courtesy of Iona Wolff.