Hello to our new training programmes

Home of the DEALS Negotiation Method - advanced negotiation skills

We are delighted to announce that today sees the launch of our new training suite, The Negotiation Series, with our existing workshops being rebranded as NEGOTIATION PROFESSIONAL (one day) and NEGOTIATION EXPERT (two day) and our newly introduced programmes NEGOTIATION LEADER and NEGOTIATION E-SSENTIALS.

The new suite has been designed to showcase our full product range and also includes our popular workshop INFLUENCING WITH INTEGRITY and NEGOTIATION BLASTS, our range of masterclasses and condensed learning.

NEGOTIATION E-SSENTIALS takes our existing e-learning products and repackages them into a modular e-course, designed to provide a solid foundation for those new to negotiation. This has already proven popular with clients with large workforces that are geographically dispersed or for those with challenges on scheduling and time zones.

NEGOTIATION LEADER is our new and improved strategic programme for senior leaders and negotiators. It is a residential programme and is designed to create advanced level negotiators capable of guiding their organisations or teams through major change and challenge, whilst boosting commercial performance. Using profiling tools, technology and interactivity throughout, this programme also benefits from expert guest speakers drawn from the world of business and negotiation practice.

We are also proud to present our revised DEALS method, the backbone of all of our negotiation training. DEALS is our 5-step approach to negotiation excellence and is used as a memorable process framework to ensure effective planning and preparation, execution and review for any negotiation. It also demystifies some of the psychology of negotiation and provides tools and insight to manage the deal and overcome problems as they arise.

Natalie Reynolds, CEO of advantageSPRING said today "Our new negotiation training suite is designed to meet the needs of clients across all industries. Whether you need a two-hour masterclass for a global sales conference, an e-learning package for 200 graduates, a one day programme for your buyers or a residential programme for your senior management team, you can be assured that advantageSPRING can deliver. My team and I are thrilled with the re-brand and the new programmes and cant wait to share them with new and existing clients."