Creating Global Impact Through Pro Bono Negotiation Training

advantageSPRING leads negotiation training for non-profits globally


advantageSPRING is pleased to announce our latest Pro Bono Partner in the Americas – the Clinton Foundation. Of the tailored negotiation masterclass delivered by Head of Region Devon Smiley, General Counsel Ricardo Castro says: 

‘An excellent negotiations training session for our staff that was dynamic, engaging, and imparted immediately implementable skills to the workshop participants. We greatly benefitted from Devon’s world-class expertise in negotiations and are grateful for the new skills learned.’

Congratulations to Devon and the North America team on this exciting new partnership.
- Natalie Reynolds, Founder & CEO advantageSPRING

One of the most striking memories I have of meeting Natalie and the advantageSPRING team (beyond our shared passion for negotiation) was recognizing that we all hold the core belief that negotiation is more than a business skill – it’s a life skill. And with that comes a tremendous opportunity for us to help make an impact globally through our network of Pro Bono Partners.

Last month, it was an honour to be welcomed by the Clinton Foundation at their New York City headquarters to lead a masterclass exploring the impact of gender and power in negotiation.

Employees from New York, Arkansas, Malawi and Kenya joined in on the seminar, and over the course of our morning together I was met with engagement and enthusiasm from the team that matched my own.

It became quite clear to me why their organization has been able to help so many around the world, including:

- Negotiating lower costs and improved access for HIV testing and treatment for developing countries

- Partnering with corporations and organizations globally to launch No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, with a commitment to engage 15million young women by 2019

- Establishing market access and developing sustainable supply chains alongside farmers, in Central America, Indonesia and Africa for crops as varied as coffee, coconut sugar and soybeans

The techniques I shared and the discussion we had during the masterclass will help the Foundation’s team negotiate not only their roles and salaries, but also assist them in smoothly navigating the partnerships that are fundamental to each of the projects and initiatives the Foundation supports. The impact of those negotiations is powerful - and something I’m very proud to be a part of.

Developing our network of Pro Bono Partners is at the core of the work we do here at advantageSPRING, and in the coming months I look forward to sharing news of new partners and continued collaboration here in the Americas.