advantageSPRING CEO on TEDx stage


Earlier this month our CEO Natalie was invited to give a talk at TEDx Whitehall Women in London. In the spectacular surroundings of HMS President and a short distance from Tower Bridge, Natalie took to the stage to talk about 'Collaborative Competitiveness' which is the theme of her second book. Natalie challenged the audience to reclaim competitiveness and to rethink how we approach collaboration so that everyone can be more successful and fulfil their potential.  

After nearly a decade specialising in negotiation, Natalie explained that she had observed that most people self-identify as collaborative – we encourage partnerships and working in teams – and often feel uncomfortable describing themselves as competitive – even though most of us want to be the best. But need we be one or the other?

Natalie went on to suggest that we can succeed individually and bring others up with us, creating better relationships, better work environments, better deals, and even a better world. Collaborative competitiveness is about reclaiming competitiveness for personal, economic and social good, while ensuring that others have the chance to achieve their ambitions too.

The talk can be viewed here

Natalie's book 'Collaborative Competitiveness' will be published by Icon Books in 2018.