advantageSPRING CEO talks Brexit negotiations with BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast_Negotiation_Brexit

Viewers of BBC Breakfast heard from our CEO this morning about the challenges of managing complex negotiations and the steps that can be taken to plan effectively for emotionally charged deals. With the Brexit negotiations commencing in Brussels today, BBC Business editor Steph McGovern interviewed Natalie live in Manchester and asked for insight relating to the negotiation process and how understanding the psychology of decision making and seeking consensus can give the competitive edge.

After the programme Natalie said "It was a pleasure to appear on BBC Breakfast and great to give viewers some food for thought about the realities and process of managing very complex negotiations. My view has always been that the Brexit negotiations present a unique combination of both challenge and opportunity for the UK Government and I believe its essential that the UK strategy incorporates elements of creativity diversity of thought and opinion in order to secure the best result."

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