New edition of 'We Have a Deal' launches February 2nd

Launch of new edition of We Have a Deal

Almost a year after the initial publication of 'We have a Deal: How to negotiate with intelligence, flexibility and power' (Icon Books) by advantageSPRING CEO Natalie Reynolds, we are delighted to announce the new paperback edition hits the shelves on February the 2nd. The new edition boasts a vibrant new cover and includes reviews and testimonials from a wide range of organisations including SKY, the United Nations and Stanford University.

The new edition launches at a time when negotiation is all over the news and Reynolds' advice remains as pertinent as ever. Check out the book to find out more about our innovative DEALS method of negotiation, how to manage difficult counterparts and how to craft creative agreements that deliver real results whilst challenging the old-school and outdated approaches to this important skill.

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