advantageSPRING CEO provides negotiation advice to the Guardian newspaper

guardian negotiation chat

advantageSPRING CEO Natalie Reynolds took part in a live debate on the Guardian website today on the topic of salary negotiation. Appearing as part of a panel alongside expert coaches and career advisors Natalie answered questions relating to dealing with a lack of confidence at the negotiation table, knowing when to walk away and dealing with a 'no'.

Natalie also shared her 4 P's approach to salary negotiation:

Prepare - do your research, base lining and compile your contributions to the business

Prioritise - establish what really matters to you - is it the number or associated benefits?

Propose - make your proposal clearly, avoid a range and avoid soft language

Persevere - be ready for a No and have a strategy to keep the conversation alive

You can access a link to the Q&A here