advantageSPRING cover feature for Psychologies magazine

advantageSPRING Psychologies negotiation

2017 is off to a flying start for advantageSPRING with the team securing a cover feature for the February edition of Psychologies magazine. The three page article, in which advantageSPRING CEO Natalie Reynolds is interviewed, focuses on tips and tools that anyone can use to boost their confidence at the negotiation table.

Whilst the article looks at negotiation primarily in the context of salary negotiation, the advice shared by Natalie is designed to be applicable in any negotiation that readers of the magazine might encounter, from a contract negotiation with a supplier to a difficult conversation with a colleague.

Psychologies magazine is a hugely successful with editions published in Russia, the US, China and across Europe, so we are delighted to feature so prominently in their new year edition.