advantageSPRING CEO discusses negotiation on BBC Radio 4

Natalie Reynolds, CEO of advantageSPRING, appeared on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour this morning  to discuss the impact of a lack of diversity at the negotiation table, particularly in relation to the current Brexit negotiations.

Alongside Seema Malhotra MP, a member of the Brexit Select Committee, Natalie reflected on the research that indicates that when women are involved in peace and diplomacy negotiations not only is an agreement more likely, but that agreement is then also inherently more sustainable. Natalie also commented on how compromise is often viewed differently by men and women and that following on from this, compromise is more frequently an outcome in negotiations if women are involved.

'Negotiation requires diversity. To be successful you require diversity of thought, opinion, perspective, background and experience and gender is just one aspect of this' said Natalie when asked why a lack of women on the UK negotiation team was a cause for concern, before going on to state that it is  important that we keep challenging the notion that women can't negotiate as effectively as men.

Natalie will be further exploring the themes of collaboration, compromise and competitiveness in her new book 'Collaborative Competitiveness' which will be published by Icon Books in 2018.