Seal of approval for 'We Have a Deal'

Review of We Have a Deal_Negotiation

Globally recognised negotiation expert, Linda Babcock of Carnegie Mellon University, has delivered a glowing review of 'We Have a Deal: How to negotiate with intelligence, flexibility and power' by Natalie Reynolds.

Babcock, co-author of pioneering negotiation book 'Women Don't Ask' said the following: ‘We Have a Deal makes negotiation accessible and easy to understand for everyone. Whether a CEO or stay at home parent this book provides the insight and tools you need to be confident, overcome resistance and get the deal you need. We Have a Deal also delves into the psychology of negotiation and why we behave as we do at the negotiation table'.

Acknowledging the inclusion by Reynolds of a chapter on gender and negotiation, Babcock went on to say: 'In exploring and exposing some of the stereotypes about women as negotiators, We Have a Deal also acts as a rallying cry to all women that they can and should speak up and ask for what they want.’

Natalie said of the review: 'To receive such great feedback from someone as respected and influential in the negotiation world as Linda Babcock is a huge honour. My goal was always to write a book that was engaging and relevant to everyone in business, so her comments on the accessibility of the book are superb'.