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The Negotiation LAB™

The Negotiation LAB™

Real-world solutions powered by advantageSPRING

The Negotiation LAB™ is a safe yet constructively challenging environment where our clients can bring negotiation issues that are affecting their businesses to explore, experiment, and plan a real-world solution.  With the expertise and support of an advantageSPRING negotiation consultant we will assist you in building a strategic plan, with a tactical approach to achieve your objectives. 

The Negotiation LAB™ is suitable for a wide range of negotiation and business challenges including:

Price increase/decrease, Trade terms harmonisation, Tendering/re-tendering, Responding to competitor activity, Changes in the market place, Fee setting, Launching of new products & services, Managing commercial disputes. 

The Negotiation LAB™ is underpinned by a solid methodology that allows tailoring to each client’s objectives and unique set of circumstances:  We adopt a 3-stage approach to ensure your objectives are understood, bought into by key stakeholders, and achievable. 

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I would recommend advantageSPRING to anyone looking to enhance the negotiation performance of it's top team.

Managing Director, Mace Macro

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